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February 2021. pp. 553-563
This article aims to discuss the ellipsis of the verb phrase in English and come up with new general licensing conditions under the framework of Chomsky (2013). The licensing conditions put forth in this study will account for English VP ellipsis in terms of a new alternative syntactic structure. The new alternative syntactic structure replaces Chomsky (2001)’s double verb phrase vP with four basic syntactic elements, such as Link, Perfect Aspect, Progressive Aspect, and V-v amalgam. The four basic syntactic elements are syntactic positions that accommodate relevant verbal lexical items. The general licensing conditions for the ellipsis of the verb phrase are: (i) The VP ellipsis elides the minimum of the progressive aspect phrase and elides the maximum of the perfect aspect phrase; (ii) The elided verbs and the antecedent verbs should be in the same type of syntactic positions to satisfy the identity conditions between the elided verbs and the antecedent verbs.
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  • Publisher :The Modern Linguistic Society of Korea
  • Publisher(Ko) :한국현대언어학회
  • Journal Title :The Journal of Studies in Language
  • Journal Title(Ko) :언어연구
  • Volume : 36
  • No :4
  • Pages :553-563