About This Journal


THE JOURNAL OF STUDIES IN LANGUAGE was launched in 1984. The Journals are published on a quarterly basis, 4 times a year. This Journal has been one of the KCI Accredited Journals since 2002 and indexed in the Korea Citation Index (KCI). Manuscripts should be submitted via the Journal & Article Management System (JAMS): https://mlsk.jams.or.kr/ Any inquiries can be sent by an e-mail to mlsk1984@daum.net

Aims and Scope

The Journal covers all areas of theoretical and applied linguistics, which has an immediate bearing upon thought and practice in the relevant field. The task of the Journal is to encourage language specialists and researchers as well as  linguists to organize and present their material in such a way as to highlight its implications, thereby influencing theorists and practitioners and leading to promising outcomes for readers.

Editorial Office & Publisher

THE MODERN LINGUISTIC SOCIETY OF KOREA 404 Ipji-gwan 27, Ungjin-ro,  Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 32553, South Korea.


Publisher Information

  • President Chang Hak Lee (Gongju National University of Education)
  • Editor-in-Chief Yang-soo Jung (Chungnam National University), Chun-Young Han(Chungwoon University)
  • Manuscript Editor Hyein Chong (Chungnam National University)